Thoroughly Clean Your Apartment After Overcoming an Illness

Thoroughly Clean Your Apartment After Overcoming an Illness

In order to prevent the spread of a sickness, it is critical to thoroughly clean your entire apartment. Proper handwashing is necessary, but the sickness has probably spread throughout your apartment. Even after you overcome an illness, a number of viruses can survive on hard surfaces for twelve to fourteen days! Whether you or a roommate was sick, you need to clean your apartment accordingly.


Needed Materials

Soap and water will not suffice. To clean your apartment well, you will need high-strength disinfectant cleaners. A homemade solution can be made by mixing two tablespoons of bleach to four cups of water. It is important to make the concoction each time you clean. When exposed to air for an extended period of time, bleach loses its intensity and won’t clean as well.


Correct Disinfectant Use

Always use commercial disinfectants as directed by the instructions, going rogue can result in unintentional self-poisoning. If you choose a homemade disinfecting solution, such as the one mentioned, wet an old cloth with the solution and wipe the places you need to clean. Let the solution rest on the surface for a minimum of three minutes before using water to wash off the surface. For easier application, fill a spray bottle with the disinfectant solution and disperse it on every surface that needs cleaning. Sponges should not be used as bacteria will end up in the crevices and contaminate them. Disposable paper towels or a washable cotton rag are a much better option. For small spaces, you can use a cotton swab or Q-tip submerged in the disinfectant to clean, like in between the buttons on a remote or the keys on a keyboard.


Cleaning the Bedroom

The average person rests in their bed while they are sick which makes it cesspool of sickness. It is vital to wash bedding and pillowcases daily while you are sick and after you have beat the sickness. As your bedding and pillowcases are crawling with germs, it is wise to wear gloves while you wash it. All clothing and even the hamper need to be disinfected too. Don’t forget to disinfect high-touch places, like the light switch, doorknobs, and your phone charger as well.


Cleaning the Bathroom

Since the bathroom houses the toilet, naturally, it will be the dirtiest room in your apartment. The entirety of the bathroom needs to be disinfected, focusing on the toilet, floor space around the toilet, as well as the sink and shower handles, light switches, doorknobs, toiletries, and trash bin. It is essential whoever is sick does not use the same hand towel as the rest of the people in the apartment, they should be using paper towels until healed to limit the chance of transmitting the sickness to others. The sick member of the apartment should separate their toothbrush from everyone else’s and use a new toothbrush once the illness has passed.


Cleaning the Communal Living Spaces

If you have furniture covers or placed sheets over your furniture over the course of the illness, you will need to wash them all. Fabric-safe disinfecting spray, such as Lysol, can be used on chairs, couches, and pillows. Again, all high-touch areas and objects, such as remotes, controllers, doorknobs, light switches, and cables need to be disinfected.


Cleaning the Kitchen

Even though the sick individual is most likely cooking for themselves and not anyone else, the kitchen is one of the most significant rooms to disinfect. Wash everything on the dishwasher’s “sanitize” setting. If you will be handwashing, make a solution consisting of one-half cup bleach to one gallon of hot water. All hard surfaces need to wiped well without neglecting the stove knobs, microwave buttons, and refrigerator handle.


Cleaning Cars

If you drove while sick or drove your ill roommate around, your car will be compromised. Use        disinfectant wipes to make sure sickness isn’t lingering on the steering wheel, radio, turn signals, controls, garage door opener, door handles, and even the keys themself. Regardless if your child was sick, if they ride in a car seat, it will have to be washed and all hard surfaces must be wiped down. Fabric seats and the headliner can be disinfected with the same fabric-safe disinfectant you use on your living room furniture.


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