What Are Old Town Apartments Like?

What Are Old Town Apartments Like?

Old Town apartments are located in one of the neighborhoods of Chicago’s historic district, straddling Near North Side and Lincoln Park. This article will discuss the Old Town neighborhood to help you find out which Old Town apartment might be best for you.

Exploring the Old Town neighborhood

The Old Town neighborhood in Chicago is known for its characteristic charm and historic feel. Originally established as part of Chicago in the early 19th century, the Old Town neighborhood is now home to a mix of Victorian-era buildings and homes, which make it a beloved part of Chicago’s historic district.

You can find a handful of Old Town apartments for rent in the neighborhood if you search with us at SRE Holdings. One of our featured Old Town apartment buildings at 312 W. Wisconsin Street offers a modern, high-rise look on a local street lined with green trees and plenty of sidewalk. This location is the best of both worlds—you can enjoy charming views of the historic neighborhood from a stylized apartment building all at the same time!

When it comes to the Old Town neighborhood, you’re in for a host of hidden gems and an exciting community. Here are some of the top charms the Old Town neighborhood has to offer:

The authentically historic architecture and city design

Unlike much of the rest of Chicago, which follows a clear city development plan and is covered in skyscrapers, the Old Town neighborhood has clung to its history. The neighborhood is sometimes called the Old Town triangle because of its unconventional triangular shape. Many of the buildings still reflect Victorian-era architecture, and the streets are still windy and full of one-ways. In fact, a small amount of the architecture in Old Town survived the Great Chicago Fire in the mid-19th century. Most was rebuilt to reflect the neighborhood’s original character and has stayed unchanged to this day.

The Chicago History Museum

Ever wonder how Chicago got to be the city it is today? One of Old Town’s biggest draws is its historic value and its ability to transport us back to a different era. At the Chicago History Museum, visitors can travel back in time to see how the city of Chicago has transformed over the years. Wander through the museum’s evolving exhibitions to see Chicago’s past and how it is artistically portrayed.

Its proximity to the wonders of Lincoln Park

When you’re in Old Town, Chicago, you are right beside the well-known Lincoln Park. The park is full of fun, family-friendly adventures. Enjoy a stroll through the park’s over 7 miles of green space or stop in to see the wild animals at the free Lincoln Park Zoo. Chicago’s Lincoln Park is a hub for cultural activities and recreational programming. Local residents can enjoy the Lincoln Park Cultural Center’s events or visit the Lincoln Park Conservatory—all without going too far from home.

Haven for small businesses and independent shops

Most of us have gotten a bit tired of being surrounded by only big-box stores, missing the charm of a cozy independent bookstore or a homemade bakery. Luckily, the Old Town neighborhood has no shortage of charming small businesses that dot its local community. Shoppers can wander the streets of Old Town and find local coffee shops, cafés, pubs, and eclectic shops and boutiques that offer a wide range of goods that you just can’t find in a big-box retailer.

Hotspot for comedy and improv

Old Town is home to a whole host of professional comedians who started out their comedy careers in some of Old Town’s most talked-about comedy clubs—including big name stars Tina Fey, Chevy Chase, and Mike Meyers. As an Old Town resident, you’ll be able to enjoy new comedy talent and improv sketches as often as you like. Old Town’s exciting night life gives you the opportunity to explore the neighborhood and build a sense of community with other locals.

What it’s like to live in an Old Town apartment

If you’re considering moving to the Old Town neighborhood, you want to know about some of the more basic features of the neighborhood that will affect your everyday life. While Old Town still hangs onto much of its original historic charm, it still keeps up with the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Here are some of the key features of Old Town apartments:

Diverse community

People from all over the world call the Old Town neighborhood home. Once a hub to 19th century German immigrants, Old Town is now an even more culturally diverse neighborhood.

Accessible transportation

Old Town is right in the heart of northern Chicago neighborhoods, meaning you can always take the “L” to get where you need to go. You can take the brown and purple lines out of Sedgwick station in Old Town to go in any direction, including downtown.

Restaurants and bars

Old Town houses some of Chicago’s finest places to dine and drink. You can enjoy meals from around the world and sample authentic cuisine that will keep you coming back for more. Not to mention all the local pubs that keep the neighborhood’s nightlife alive and well. Some top restaurant favorites in Old Town include

Old Town is full of great places to grab a bite to eat!

Finding the right Old Town apartment with SRE Holdings

We know how challenging it can be to find the next right apartment. There are so many factors to consider, and each neighborhood is a little different. The process can sometimes be overwhelming or frustrating. But with SRE Holdings, you’ll be supported as you search for a new apartment and make your transition into the Old Town neighborhood. We’re ready to help you find your next home!

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